TCG Bypass Fraud

Illegal termination of international, domestic, intranet voice traffic to the network of mobile and fixed-line operators.

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Illegal termination refers to the illegal diversion of voice calls by unauthorized entities using a GSM / VOIP gateway to terminate the call. Operators suffer huge losses each year due to fraud bypassing official interconnections, causing millions of wasted bulk minutes and SMS transactions. The voice quality is poor, the call setup time is longer, and the success rate is much lower, not to mention the fact that the confidentiality of your communication will be violated due to the passage of the call through an illegal route.





The system detects the refilled CLI when a test call originates from an international location. The resulting test call records contain a list of “Faked Caller IDs”




Generation of incoming voice traffic using the FRAUDCHASER global network and our route portfolio


The system has the ability to analyze the Customer’s CDR to confirm detections.


Generating real-time report to determine the types of fraud and the results of data analysis in the Customer’s network. The most common proof of refilling is the results of TCG test systems.

The operator provides FRAUDCHASER B-numbers, SIP Trunk for forwarding, a smartphone for a test campaign if necessary and an approved connection scheme


FrauChaser provides the Operator with online access to a multi-user personal account.


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