Roaming Test

An effective tool for determining the quality of service for subscribers in roaming

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Control and monitoring of the quality of the services provided by the operator’s providers in roaming is one of the most important issues for our Customers.



FraudChaser tests Internet connection indicators by country, tests SMS notifications of subscribers in roaming: presence of incoming / outgoing sms, delivery time, reception time, text content, presence of smishing, number substitution.


FraudChaser checks for automatic activation of tariff plans: determines the location of the subscriber, verifies operator data (HLR), determines the guest network when registering a subscriber in roaming, analyzes the quality of GSM communication when calling the home network: FAS / ACD / ASR / share of missed calls, signal delay Station answer, connection establishment delay, subscriber answer signal delay, disconnection delay.


FraudChaser analyzes the voice quality in roaming, detects number spoofing when making calls while roaming to the home network and back, tests USSD commands.


FrauChaser provides the Operator with “online” access to a multi-user personal account, where real-time reports are generated and details of test calls with critical call indicators are displayed.

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