Converter CDR

Versatile tool for automated processing and monitoring of raw station data (CDR) of voice traffic

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Processing of raw station data of the Customer and reconciliation with billing to monitor the completeness of tariffication for subscribers and partners.


The system receives raw station CDR data from the Customer and converts the text format for further analysis.


The system compares processed CDRs with CDRs prepared by the internal programs of the Customer in order to identify discrepancies in traffic volumes and prevent losses from incorrect data processing.


The system ensures control of the integrity of processing of the initial data of the Customer's stations.


FrauChaser provides the Operator with “online” access to a multi-user personal account, where reports are generated in real time.


The customer uses the Converter CDR licenses according to the list of available stations on the network. Implementation, testing and technical support is carried out within 12 months after the delivery of licenses.



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