A2P SMS Fraud

Illegal SMS routing to the mobile operator’s network.

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International SMS traffic can be routed through the connection points of several transit operators, where each operator charges a fee for SMS termination. Illegal SMS routing bypasses the agreed connection points, which is fraudulent. Fraudsters are constantly improving their bypass tools, using SMS Bypass technologies in parallel with Sim-box.



The income of a fraudster is the difference between tariffs on the international market and the rate of the terminating operator.


SMS aggregators receiving traffic from OTT services can use illegal routes to terminate SMS on the networks of mobile operators


The receiving SMS operator loses income, since it does not charge a mobile termination fee. SMS Bypass fraud leads to downtime of the operator’s active network, where the planned volume of SMS traffic does not come to the network, and the costs of its maintenance are saved SMS also cannot be tracked by security services




Inbound traffic monitoring to detect over-the-top application usage bypassing gateways




How FRAUDCHASER analyzes?



FRAUDCHASER automatically generates detection SMS from over 100 countries around the world


A special SMS FRAUDCHASER campaign maximizes the probability of fraud detection while minimizing the risk of counter detections.


FRAUDCHASER identifies outgoing operators or operators using illegal routes to terminate SMS traffic in your network, provides an online report that allows you to take corrective action.


The operator provides FRAUDCHASER with B numbers and a smartphone for the test campaign.


FrauChaser provides the Operator with online access to a multi-user personal account.

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