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FRAUDCHASER is a company that helps telecom operators, service providers and national regulators identify and address the challenges posed by fraudsters through the creative use of advanced technologies and techniques.


Kazakhstan company. Head office in Almaty


International office with experts, presented in EU

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What problems FRAUDCHASER?

Every year operators suffer huge losses due fraud actions. Here are the common schemes which are used by fraudsters:

Voice traffic bypass termination

Voice traffic bypass termination

Official interconnections bypass causing millions of wasted wholesale minutes

Illegal termination using OTT services

Illegal termination using OTT services

A fraud scenario that bypasses official interconnections using OTT services

SMS A2P/P2P Bypass

SMS A2P/P2P Bypass

Fraudsters abuse retail / wholesale offers: SMS are usually charged at zero (included in the SMS package) or at a very low retail price

CLI Refilling

CLI Refilling

CLI Refilling allows fraudsters to gain an illegal advantage, which entails the theft of information and material values of subscribers or clients of large companies.

Illegal voice traffic at the level of international wholesale operators

Illegal voice traffic at the level of international wholesale operators

False Answers - stretching calls, pumping voice traffic with a non-existent volume of calls, services using stolen credentials, etc.

Low quality of voice channel

Low quality of voice channel

International voice channels can be of poor quality, which reduces the duration of telephone calls by subscribers

Lack of full-fledged analytics

Lack of full-fledged analytics

Lack of control over the integrity and completeness of the processing of the station's initial data, multi-level analysis and reporting on the status of incoming and outgoing international, intranet voice traffic.

How fraudsters
affect your business?

Low quality service for Clients

Personal data theft

Network problems

Bad legal experience

Interwork connection cost increase

Profitabilility loss from Voice Bypass

Benefits you get after implementation FRAUDCHASER?
Operative receiving of information about unauthorized calls
Automatic detection and suppression of any fraud type
Interwork traffic monitoring provision for foreign operators
Responsibilities distribution for employee fraud detection
Integration with existing systems
Minimizing of fraud Sim-boxes life cycle

Resultsэксплуатации решений FRAUDCHASER

Maintenance of three GSM operators in one country with forwarding option
Successful integration with existing infrastructure in 10 days and 24/7 contact with personal anti-fraud manager
Instant blocking of identified numbers and entire range of provider numbers used, which is more than 25 million subscribers
Search for fraud using SIM cards as an additional option without automatic forwarding.
Referring to directions of potential sources of fraud upon request.
Annual contract with monthly payment.
Increasing of voice traffic volume by 30%.
Increasing of Interconnect rate by 50%.

Effective services

Active monitoring TCG Bypass Fraud TCG Bypass Fraud

Illegal termination of international, domestic, intranet voice traffic to the network of mobile and fixed-line operators.

Active monitoring OTT Fraud OTT Fraud

International voice traffic overflow detections to OTT services: Skype, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp and others

Active monitoring A2P SMS Fraud A2P SMS Fraud

Illegal SMS routing to the mobile operator's network.

Active monitoring CLI Spoofing CLI Spoofing

Caller ID refilling detection Tool - unauthorized access in communication channels

Active monitoring Wholesale Fraud Wholesale Fraud

Detection of illegal voice traffic at the level of international wholesale operators.

Active monitoring Quality Voice Quality Voice

Continuous tool for assessing the quality of voice channels.

Active monitoring Roaming Test Roaming Test

An effective tool for determining the quality of service for subscribers in roaming

Passive monitoring CDR Analytics CDR Analytics

A unique complex of traffic management by analyzing CDR records from the Customer's database.

Passive monitoring Converter CDR Converter CDR

Versatile tool for automated processing and monitoring of raw station data (CDR) of voice traffic

Passive monitoring Signaling Analytics Signaling Analytics

SS7 signaling traffic analytics at the packet and SIP level

Passive monitoring Wholesale Analytics Wholesale Analytics

Real-time reports at the request of the Customer regarding his wholesale partners.

Passive monitoring Global Statisctics Global Statisctics

An innovative approach to monitoring the global voice traffic market.


Analytics and Reporting

The operator could order a one-time audit of the network for external or internal fraud on a paid basis. In such cases, FRAUDCHASER specialists, together with the Customer, prepare a detailed technical specification indicating the audit object and clear requirements for the results of FRAUDCHASER services.
Analytics and Reporting

Managed Services

Fraudhnter's leading managers are ready to undertake the creation of the project and the implementation of a full-fledged anti-fraud system on the Customer's network, including the supply of the necessary services, preparation of mandatory accompanying documents and technical support of the installed anti-fraud tools.
Managed Services

Business Consulting

FRAUDCHASER experts will help the Operator to create a department for the prevention of fraud and preservation of profitability with accompanying regulatory and main documents for the full operation of this department. The service also includes an analysis of the operator's current profitability, setting the volume of traffic losses, identifying the reasons for the decrease in profitability, developing a plan to combat fraud and determining the KPI based on the results of the department's work.
Business Consulting

Why Operators choise FRAUDCHASER?


The system has a modular structure and can work with any data source and / or operator interface.


The System is able to work with huge data sets due to optimized infrastructure and intellectual algorithms

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